Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger was born in Germany in 1925.

He spent more than 16 years of his life working as a Catholic missionary in South Africa and he has dedicated his life to the study of pedagogy , theology and philosophy.

He then continues his studies following a path of psychoanalytic training in group dynamics , systemic therapy , hypnosis and transactional analysis .

These studies lead him to develop important research models that converge in the invention of the method of Family Constellations.

This technique measures the value of a therapeutic method and investigation around the 80s .

Special features of the Constellations is the fact that they have nothing theoretical. In fact, they are targeted simply to observing ” what is” in reality.

In his studies of people of every society and culture Hellinger has discovered that all is related to a common denominator : the order of love.

These are present in reality in our everyday life and in the relationships we have with others and act in an immediate way .

By implementing the constellations practice, it is developed a kind of training to the perception and deep intuition of what is happening in the field. This helps us to recognize the reality of love , and according to the orders of the aid to be able to work and then reach a state of harmony and inner growth.

Among the most important works written by Bert Hellinger those fundamentals are precisely Orders of Love , Orders Aid , In the peace and gratitude , What works , The inner journey .

As part of married life rather one of the more interesting and in-depth manual is Love at second sight . Solutions for couples. Psychology and Love in relationships and in the pair.

In his books the German scholar often presents examples from constellations made ​​earlier just to show how they play and how, at the end of these representations , the problem posed by the customer turns out to be much clearer and easier to solve.

This form of writing based on experience makes the work of Hellinger easy to understand and almost didactic in case the player is not a therapist but simply a person who wants to know more.

Family constellations according to the method of Bert Hellinger are particularly common in German-speaking countries , but lately they are spreading in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Stefano Silvestri, through Academy publishes books and magazine Bert Hellinger Hellinger Sciencia that is completely composed of unpublished writings of Marie Bert and Sophie Hellinger .


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