How to play family constellation

Essential to the success of a family constellation is to induce meditation and meditative state and listening with the heart and the participants feel ” sacred space .” Through this you establish a mode of observation and perception of the systemic feature of the relational psychotherapy .

The participants, when they open their hearts , their deep feeling , they connect with their experiences and the feelings of the soul. This way they can have the opportunity to observe and be studied in relation to themselves and in space. Generally, the constellations are organized by defining a space a circular or elliptical . In this sense, it is easier to provide participants with a wide field of view and that embraces the totality of the participants.

Participants can move freely during the representation and perception is 360 ° .

The same therapist becomes a facilitator of the process of perception and he is in a state of silent listening without any attitude and interpretation of interference. No one should interpret and hamper the movement of the spirit which is what happens in the constellations . The representatives are in a position to observe and record the actions, movements, expressions and experiences of the field and take note . Family constellations can be carried out with small groups of participants to reach events that gather several dozen participants.

The first phase of a family constellation is in retreat and the presentation by the person who has decided to work , the conflict, the problem to be staged .

You will be asked to stage a disease or condition, often being asked to represent simply an emotional situation , it is understandable that economic and on which you want to draw attention .

The costellator has the task of creating a welcoming and tranquil environment in which you can focus and feel your body and your emotions.

The person who wants to stage something of his life sitting next to the therapist and explains in a ” clean and simple ” your problem. You do not need a detailed description of what you want to see how this would affect the expectations and perceptions of the other participants . Then you ask the customer to choose among the participants of the group, the representatives who can enact the elements and the main characters of the question, as it has been exposed ( the customer , the father , mother , children, a house , etc. . ) .

The customer places the representatives in the manner it deems most appropriate. To the representatives are asked to pay attention to what they feel and indulge your deep feeling of moving or performing actions in a totally silent . With absolutely no attempt to influence their perceptions and belief representation .

The costellator may decide to intervene by adding elements to the constellation or moving the representatives and then ask him if , in that position, they feel better or worse.

From the initial placement of the representatives from the customer we can infer the “picture more or less unconscious ” perception of the situation by the patient .

This is the image that the patient has this situation. With the movements of participants are altered this original image of the patient on the family system and its dynamics from the point of view of feeling through the movement of the spirit.

Often , especially when they are played past generations of the family , we discover the existence of ancestors never knew that they need to find their recognition and a place in the system .

Undoubtedly it is an innovative and far more advanced and useful of the classic family therapy, because it takes into account the effects and relationships at multi generational . This allows you to observe and take their rightful place in the perception of reality and the perception of one’s soul .


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