What are they and how they work

The blind love does not know ,
does not know the orders of love
and often leads us astray .
But if you know the love of these orders and respects them ,
implementing what we’re looking for with nostalgia .

– Bert Hellinger –

Family constellations are a method of recognition of reality, which arises from the ” perception through meditation in themselves,” and the experience of the shared field of consciousness . The observation of the perceptual field , morphogenetic field , allows us to recognize what it is. Bert Hellinger, the German psychotherapist systemic , has developed this mode of perception and observation that emphasizes the deep feeling of the heart. This is essentially experiential perception that the individual therapist and counselor come mainly in relationship with oneself gathering and subsequently enter into a relationship with each other. The observation of the person, the environment and the reality is via a systemic mode of observation and experiential . The individual in fact live in an environment characterized by family relationships , friendships and professional .

The innovative aspect of family constellations is that the experiential work is not aimed at finding solutions but to develop the ” deep feeling ” and a different perception on the part of the participant. In addition, the approach is straightforward , direct, devoid of theoretical and theoretical frames of reference to refer to and favors the direct experience of the person and his experiences and interpret them without judging them.

The constellation , in fact, working on the instant immediately, on the here and now . The patient exhibits the problem, the discomfort, the question, the desire of the heart that is what I try to see through the “stage .” The other members of the group become the representatives of what has just been described . At the time of initial presentation may happen that the image of reality is ” blurred ” and amended by the beliefs of the client. However, by observing the position and movement of Representatives, it is possible to get a clearer picture of how actually the problem or difficulty is considered and shown through the shared field of consciousness . The representations allow us to ” see” not only the current situation of the patient but also everything that has determined , preceded , and in a sense has generated through the choices and behaviors of family members of the client ..

Very often , in fact, through the constellations you will discover that there is a family of people who have existed, but were never considered , seen , known and recognized by the rest of the components of the family system , and the patient through his abnormal behavior of the recalls.

In this way it is possible to represent images for short term situations and attitudes that have affected the entire family system. Recognize what happened allows you to re-establish a meaningful relationship with people, animals or objects which have been part of our lives in some way influencing it with their behavior , have been forgotten and ignored. The customer can recognize himself and observed in a new way within relationships . So can develop the ability to “hear” and “see” through the soul and the heart. In the work of the constellations to recognize the link with our past and with the people who are involved in one way or another in our lives is crucial. These people are our membership system , and especially the source of reference for what was to become the basis of our models , and our images of the future life .

The fundamental concepts observed by Bert Hellinger are “orders of love” , the orders of the aid and recognize what it is.

Orders love are the ordinances that establish the love in human relationships .

We can experience the love and respect only if we are in tune with these orders.

The method of family constellations is particularly innovative in the field of psychotherapy because it is simply based on a verbal relationship between therapist and patient, but has as its basis and foundation of experience , movement , representation and , above all, the feeling of the heart . E ‘is the element that differentiates the constellations by any other method of psychotherapy has been developed to date.

Working with the heart involves a depth and a different feel that you can only get through a job on his own experience and on what emotions we feel we really want to convey.

Focus on the feeling of the heart leading him on top of the mind, makes it possible to formulate a more immediate treatment plan and intervention. It ‘ a great innovation of the methodology that allows you to quickly focus on the problem of the patient to be able to act immediately on a possible solution .

Bert Hellinger by the invention of the method of family constellations has opened a gash in the thought of psychotherapy that , from the theories of Freud to date has only ever followed the path of the mind and never turn his eyes toward the heart.

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