Who are addressed the family constellation

Anyone can approach the method of family constellations .

In fact, it can be used for monitoring systemic and deep perception of different areas and reality. For example, problems with their family of origin, with the current family, problems at work, in the couple, but also difficult moments, sudden feelings of anxiety , panic attacks , aggressiveness, insecurities and incomprehensible feelings of exclusion or self-exclusion phobias etc.

As for the family , for example , you can use the constellations to really know what are their beliefs and family dynamics and observe how they act on us and on our behavior .

Often a person repeats in his life the story of a family that has existed in the past, reliving that same pain and that same exclusion from the group.

With the constellations you can unearth and develop through experience this vicious circle thus giving the person a chance to recognize the entanglements and the links with the past and be ready again to go back and live your life in the first person . Omitting to stage something that has already existed and took place in the past. It ‘s inevitable that trauma, violence , secrets and exclusions of a family system will inevitably be reflected in a different way on the components of the family. These , after generations , and very often without even being aware of the events that occurred prior to the ancestors , and find themselves forced to personify and represent abnormal behavior and deviant person who has been excluded . All this happens within the morphogenetic field or the field of their family. Something inexplicably begins to happen , driven by the force of awareness and love that deeply affects the perception and the existence of all participants. Are observed profound truths , present and deposited in the unconscious individual and collective where everything resides . This pushes the reality to be seen and moves the whole field and the participants in a process of recognition , reconciliation , unity , understanding and love. It has been noted as ” work in the field of consciousness shared ” a deep effect on the entire family system. Whether for representatives in the scene for both participants in the group , both for those not having a direct role they “feel called upon ” to assist , recognize and solve their own family dynamic .

The constellations in relation to other problems , however, can help us to understand the way in which we deal with them and what are the possible images from which they originate new and different solutions .

It is not necessary that the person applying to work at a constellation is going through a difficult time , or at least have the need to present their own discomfort or difficulty. Even those who are experiencing a positive moment of their lives and think they have found a balance acceptable and sustainable can use the constellations to better understand themselves, their souls , and to learn to listen and to feel with the heart. This in a dimension of a further growth and personal and spiritual development .

In this way, then you learn not only to gather in themselves, but also to recognize the family context and it can be understood that within it all are at the same level and each needs the other for their own growth and evolution.


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