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Who is

The course is aimed at those who wish to develop a sound expertise in the helping professions , to those who are already working in care settings , social and health with different qualifications , to psychologists, sociologists, teachers, principals , religious and resource managers human . It ‘ also directed towards those who want to delve into the issues of counseling and the helping professions and develop specific theoretical and practical skills that enable it to make appropriate interventions in their frames of reference . The course is a useful tool for those who intend to develop an ability to perceive the content and dynamics in deep and would report at the same time perfecting their communication skills and improve their skills in helping others .

the objectives

Deepen the perception and the ability to intervene in reality so socially and technically useful, using the approach of Bert Hellinger supplemented by the various schools of psychotherapy . Develop a conscious communication . Deepen a profound perception of the dynamics and interactions occurring in different contexts, family nuclear , extended family, work environment and professional.


The course follows the guidelines of Approach of Bert Hellinger Family and Systemic Constellations incorporate the methodology of intervention and the Systemic – Relational Model of Transactional Analysis , Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Techniques Psicocorpore .
Students will be followed individually by qualified and competent teachers that integrate theoretical learning with practical application, dividing the hours of lesson :

Learning sessions that include the oral lessons and implementation of exercises, as well as the distribution of reference materials to facilitate the setting up of the topics covered

Application sessions in which students will be able to immediately experience the effectiveness of the concepts learned with the teacher’s guidance .

Revision sessions in which students will re firsthand the techniques learned on the basis of the exercises performed .

Each of these phases will be completed by tests and self-tests that help students to grapple with the new concepts and become familiar with the practices taught .


The teachers are university professors , medical doctors, psychiatrists , psychotherapists, psychologists, educational psychologists of international experience as part of the master apply the methods of Family Constellations .

( see the list of teachers).


Theoretical lessons guided by the dialogue and interactivity with other students. The materials used are didactic presentations , images, text , video and audio professionals.
Division into groups for the realization of practical exercises and discussion techniques
Simulations in a group to play the real context of application of the techniques learned
Shooting simulations in order to review together the simulations to study the characteristics , the effect of acquisitions and approach towards participants . Orient the group towards the improvement and integration of technical and professional ability .
Experiential sessions dedicated to the exploration personnel necessary for the individual and professional growth to improve the theoretical and practical approach in helping relationship .
Internship at public or private establishments contracted to measure and assess the learning and skills acquired in the course of Counselor and Master .
Checking and supervision of the internship to ensure a feedback to the participants on the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching. Also in this case we will use the benefits of working in small groups .
Distance Learning (experimental) achieved via the Web this will allow the continuous updating and exchange of information between participants. Through this method , students can prepare joint projects during the course and in the period that follows the sharing and fostering the growth of the individual and the group.

Method and Timing

The Master is divided into 7 monthly meetings, lasting three years for a total of 600 hours in total , of which one-third dedicated to teaching a third dedicated to vocational training and individual participants and a third dedicated to supervision.


The cost of a year is € 1,500.

The cost of each module is 250 € .



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