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Clinical Psychologist , Psychotherapist, Family Costellator at the Hellingerschule Bert and Sophie Hellinger Marie . Specializing in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy at the IFTSs trainer teaching in Counseling . He has a personal training oriented transactional and vocational training systemic . He collaborated with the University of Rome. He worked for ten years with terminal cancer patients and in projects on deviance and adolescence . It was the Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court of Rome, and has worked with the UN for the protection of minors. Homeopath and naturopath has taught in various schools of complementary medicine.
International certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, educational director and trainer for the Teacher Training IKYTA UISP CONI for training and refresher courses for teachers of Kundalini Yoga.
Founder of Academy School of Counseling and Psychotherapy . He published ” The Essences of Dr. Bach ,” ” Techniques for Meditation “, ” cards for Meditation ,” ” From the Family to the individual “, ” SRY “, ” The Journey “, “Every Moment Is Important .” He gives lectures and courses throughout Italy.



Psychologist and psychotherapist , was born in 1956 in Rome , where he lives and in private practice for almost twenty years.
He was trained in Primary and Humanistic Psychotherapy in Gestalt Psychotherapy , in Reichian analysis , in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Family Constellations .

Professor of the Graduate School of Psychotherapy SIAR (Italian Society of Reichian analysis ) and Training in Counselling psychology in Rome and Florence.

He is a consulant International Aido . S., for which oversaw the training of the staff of the Women’s Health Centers in several foreign countries.



Degree in philosophy.
Experiences in Psychosynthesis .
Master Gestalt counseling ASPIC Rome.
Teacher of Yoga and meditation according to the teachings of Yogananda Paramahnsa .
Graduated in Corenergetica , a student of J. Pierrakos .
Specializing in Corenergetica .
Professor of Natural Therapies : Reflexology and Shiatsu .
Out of the practice sessions with individuals and groups in Rome.
Takes into groups on the theme: “The opening of the heart to Love .”
Takes into groups for women on the theme: ” The pleasure and spiritual responsibility of being a woman .”
Family mediator 1st level according to the method of training at the School of Family Constellations and Systemic organized by Bert Hellinger Italy



Psychologist and Psychotherapist in training bioenergetics , Gestalt Counselor , presenter of Classes bioenergetic enabled by the SIAB (Italian Society for Bioenergetic Analysis ) affiliated at IIBA ( International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in New York) .

He works freelance in Rome. It deals with individual counseling for children, adolescents and adults; groups facilitates growth and personal evolution and leads exercise classes of Bioenergetics .

Co-Director, Teaching and teacher at the SERS ( School of Education and Relations with Feelings ) , School Counseling oriented Spiritual Energy – based Assisi ( PG) .

As a member of BALL (Support Training and Relationship Help ) carries out training and counseling at high schools and private courses.




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