Experiential and Personal training in 11 weekends

Experiential and Personal training in 11 weekends

“Know yourself” through Multidimensional Family Constellation

ACADEMY offers a personal journey which is based on theoretical and experiential annual testing through the method of Multidimensional Family Constellations and consists of 11 meetings taking place within the groups training in Systemic Transactional Counseling.

Each weekend is structured as follows:
– Saturday is a day dedicated to theoretical concepts alternated with moments of experimentation of the method restricted to participants of the training
– Sundays instead concentrates more on the experiential aspects of Constellations Group, with insights about the techniques discussed

Price for every weekend is of 200 €.

PERSONAL path of 11 modules makes it possible to access the school’s Systemic Counseling in Family Constellations that consists of 21 modules. This training give access right to the drafting and discussion of the thesis for obtaining the diploma of systemic Counselor and Family Constellator, for all those who have the right educational and administrative requirements.
The training is recognized by FAIP (Associations Harmonizers Family Federation).

The school is active in several italian cities: Rome, Florence, Milan, Osimo, Mantova, Pescara, Verona, Zurich, Padova.

On request it is possible to have a personal program, tutored by the school, for psychologist and people working in psychology field that already have great experience in family constellation.

As every weekend is about a particular argument it is possibile to join the school in every moment of the year and to complete it also following the teachings in several cities.

To know the whole program of the Experiential and Personal Training in 11 weekends download the depliant.

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