Who we are

ACADEMY is an association that deals with the spread of the method of family constellations , created by Bert Hellinger, within the Italian territory .
For several years, Academy activities are carried out in Rome, where is located the headquarters, but also in Mantua , Verona, Florence , Foligno , Stationary, seminars family constellations were able to “stage ” and try to solve problems in the family , at work, in life.

ACADEMY is also a publishing house that has published texts on Yoga, Bach flower remedies , Psychotherapy . Some of our texts on family constellations were written by the inventor of the method itself , Dr. Bert Hellinger .
Over the past few months have been published regarding the dvd informative method of family constellations individual , the study on water crystals by Masaru Emoto , and 2012 , and climate change that are involving our entire solar system , our habitat .
With regard to the training ACADEMY fire in the next few months a Masters in Counseling to address systemic , family and family constellations .
Our main office is located in Rome, in Viale dell’Arte , 91 ( Eur zone ) .

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